Bulago Islamic Foundation

Registered with charity No. 2020321 is a charity organization located in Mbale Uganda that was established in 2015 to solve the problems of people in Uganda through helping hands.
The organization core values we based on trustworthy, respect and love to serve humanity with 100% donation policy. The organization was formed by the Muslim members in masjid Aisha to help the increasing problems among the Muslims and all the people in the community at large with the aim of helping the poor, orphans, widows, the disabled, refuges and so on


Being established in a poor country where citizens are living a bad life, our is to help deliver Orphan support, Qurbani, Food relief, water wells, zakat collection, disaster relief, Aqeeqah, Masjid appeals, Eid food packages, Health service support to the poor communities of Uganda through donation collected and sponsorships of projects.


Extraordinary Experiences

Over the years since we started way back in 2015 aiming at solving the problem of poor communities of Uganda. it has been quite an extraordinary journey with different experiences. With Allah on our support and support from our Muslim brothers and sisters, we have been able to build Mosques, and water boreholes and give food relief to the communities around  Uganda. you can join us today as we continue impacting the lives of these people!

Our Core Values

We are  an Islamic based organisation moving on the core values of Islam to support poor communities of Uganda.

We established to ensure enough Mosques are constructed  to offer more places of worshipfor moslems and invited more to join yhr religion to prais the name of Allah (Peace be upon him).