Orphan Support

We have completed several projects of orphan support in Uganda.  This is a comprehensive program of Food & Education. To hold these kids in good condition, we will provide the best for the orphanage

“I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him will be in paradise like this (placing his index and middle finger together).”

Feed and Educate Orphans 

We currently also have over 100 orphans under our care, but they continue to live with their widowed mothers or relatives. Your donations will help sponsor these orphans who will be fed, clothed and educated. We also ensure from your donations a sum is set aside each month for their medical expenses. 

How BIG our food project is?

Orphans are struggling to find food. Our mission is to provide food. Help us to feed daily meals during this month

We do our small best to dress children to be Al’s smart like this living with their parents and to make them be happy while with their other friends

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